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Beeswax tapers have been made and enjoyed for centuries.  
The natural golden color, sweet honey scent, long-lasting
bright flame, clean smokeless and dripless wax, and 100%
all-natural and sustainable qualities make beeswax candles
the best choice for you, your family, and the environment.

Continuing in the tried and true ancient tradition, we hand
dip each set of tapers over 2 dozen times.  Our beeswax is
100% pure beeswax.  There are no additives like stearic acid,
microcrystallines, paraffin mixes, artificial scents, or coloring
agents.  Beeswax is an all natural by-product of the hive
made by worker bees and harvested periodically with the
honey.  After the honey is extracted, the wax cappings of the
honey comb are melted and strained to remove debris
before using it for candle making.  Even our back yard bees
graciously contribute wax to the candles that we make.  The
aroma of our beeswax candles is warm and rich like sweet

Without a proper wick, a candle will become just a lump of
wax during burning.  With that in mind, we start with pure
cotton wicking.  We absolutely do not use zinc or chemical
pre-treatments of any kind to prolong burn times in our
candles.  Wicks are always primed to ensure a reliable
burning experience.

You will receive 2 tapers connected by a single wick.  This
set generously weighs approximately 5.5 oz.  Each candle
measures 11 inches long and are a standard 3/4 inch at the
base providing up to 6 hours of burn time per candle in a
draft free environment.

Our candles are presented wrapped in natural and
sustainable fibers for beautiful and eco-friendly gift giving.
Candles are first wrapped in a wide band of crinkle ribbon
with tiny fern and chili pepper flecks embedded in 100%
natural fibers.  Then they are wrapped with Abaca twine
ribbon in complimentary colors of cinnamon and sunflower.  
Abaca twine ribbon is made from fibers of a species of
banana tree. Gift wrapping is available upon request for an
additional $1.50.

Bee Bright - All natural beeswax candles, brightening your
NEW!  Natural Beeswax Candles
Hand dipped Tapers, set of 2
From Bee Bright Candles!
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Natural Beeswax Candles
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Beeswax Taper Candles Here!
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