Clear Hills Honey Company is a beekeeping family.  For years
we sold our honey,
lip balm, soap, and Bee Balm at our local
Farmer's Market in beautiful Eugene, Oregon.  Most of these
wonderful products from the bee hive are now available for
purchase here on our website.

We create small batches of our products to maintain the
highest quality and purity possible.  Our products are
all-natural and we use the honeybee products from our own
bee hives which are kept on local farms. These include
beeswax, propolis, and of course, honey.
International Customers:
If you are outside of the U.S. and Canada, please
contact us for shipping rates before placing your order.  
Thank you.
Clear Hills Honey Company
Lip Balm, Soap, Cream, and more!
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clear hills honey beeswax natural lip balm soap salve cream cloth diapers baby
bee, orange oatmeal glycerin soap with beeswax, honey & propolis, essential oils
Propolis is a wonderful product of the beehive.  It is a
natural antibiotic, disinfectant, antiviral, antifungal, and
antiseptic product.  We use pure propolis in all of our
products to add its wonderful aroma and powerful healing

We invite you to browse all of our fabulous products.  
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